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We all know that one of the weakest points of Windows Live Hotmail is that it forces us to buy a Premium account to use POP3 with any clients. Otherwise, we must limit ourselves to just Windows Live Mail, which is synchronized using the protocol DeltaSync. Though Windows Live Mail isn´t bad, it lacks most of the Outlook utilities, and leaves people that spent money on a complete MS Office suite with a useless Outlook.

Fortunately, Microsoft has decided to take pity on their customers and offer Outlook Connector, an add-on, which allows us to use the same protocol in Microsoft Outlook. Which, as I said, is more complete than Windows Mail or Live Mail, because it lets you utilize the full hotmail features.

This supplement was in its testing phase for a while and it recently reached an update. But this update had a surprise: it also allowed us to synchronize Outlook with Windows Live Calendar, and there was an add-on to sync Google Calendar with this release. Everything is more than welcome by us.

Outlook Connector provides full two-way synchronization that works very well since the very beta. However there is one detail that should be considered if you have a paid (MSN) Hotmail account: the program will automatically update your account to the beta of Windows Live Calendar, so better see if you like it before using it.

The software works with Windows 2000 - Windows 7 and does a good job, it even downloads emails faster that Windows Live Mail and is less buggy that Windows Mail, highly recommend if you have purchased Office 2007.

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  • Free
  • Quick download (only 4.3 mb)
  • Very functional


  • Updates your paid msn calendar to Windows live calendar automatically
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